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Can You Enter An Academy to Become a Great Parent?

If you could download the collective knowledge, learnings and experiences from 10 leaders you admire the most, how may that impact your leadership style and success in business?

Similar, if you could get access to all there is to know about being a great partner, a terrific parent or a wonderful friend – how would that influence your relationships and life?

The thought process, of course, is completely silly. Nobody would ever be able to absorb that much information – or to have that much self-discipline to actually always do the right things.


So, how would you react if you could come to an academy where people actually have downloaded their best advices and put in their secrets for others to take over. Could that be of help and service to you?

In many ways that’s what consultancy, leadership training etc is all about – and much seems to not be working with the advices.

Some claim the context isn’t the same as the advice is given in. Some claim its the quality of the advice – hence it cannot guide us.

I think we are looking at ignorance, arrogance and lack of willingness to change – and not much else.

Off course you can enter into an academy to become a great parent. Whether you can convert the learnings into practise is all about your own self-discipline, ie little discipline – little success. Someone who have never be used to speak pragmatic will find it incredibly hard to speak pragmatic when pragmatism is called for just like someone never used to empathy will find it incredibly hard to show affection and some tender when such is called for.

But, we can all learn – its just a question of your willingness.

How willing are you to learn to become a great leader?

Yes, you can enter an academy for that…

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