Leaders – What’s Next?!

Journeying to New Knowledge and Growth
– Become the Next Promotion!

Is It Time to Move On – On- and Upwards!?

You’re becoming an excellent leader, an experienced operator and somebody the organization wants to see continuing growing.

So, how do you journey onwards?

Welcome to “Leaders – What’s Next” – a training extending your initial leadership training and capabilities to design a next phase of development for yourself, your team, and the organization.

Leaders – What’s Next” asks you to:

  • Personally, to level up by design
  • Go 2-3 levels beyond your current domain of knowledge
  • Stretch your perspectives
  • Upskill current, and new ones
  • Reach a wider horizon of stakeholders
  • Trot a narrower path of values and leadership
  • Build collective IQ
  • Sharpen the team’s competitiveness
  • Improve productivity by 20%
  • Become organizational role-models and wave-breakers

How much would this be worth to you?

How the Training Works?

The process consists of:

  • 2 days of PTP-certification
  • 3 days of “Leader’s – What’s Next?
  • 2 x 2 days of managerial exchanges
  • 4 x 2 months of working sessions
  • 8-10 x 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Total length of the program is expected to be 8-10 months

Welcome to “Leaders – What’s Next”!

Who Should Participate?
Your 35-50-year-old leaders with 3-10 years of experience in chargeof teams, and maybe due for promotion.

2+3 days training including learning materials, lunch, and 8-10 x coaching sessions and optionally 2 x managerial exchanges during a 8-10 months process – EUR 4,350.- (excl VAT)

Leaders – What’s Next” will be conducted annually in Denmark (in Danish and English)

Why Is This Training Special?
Leaders – What’s Next” is a designed for the ambitious participant who understands that personal upwards trajectory has to include a similar success for your team and the organization.

Participants are required to stretch themselves and their colleagues beyond comfort zones in search of understanding yourself better, improve the team, and not least to upgrade the organization.

This program is work related at its core. You will succeed only when you explore among people and bring your findings and learnings into daily life and operation.

Are you ready to test yourself?