Leading Leaders

Being Chief Leading Officer of People and Culture
– Creating Meaning, Hope and Performance in Your Organization!

How Do You Create Winners?

Leading leaders is a two-sided sword requiring you
to be particularly noble of character while crafting
the business and your people to be notably
competitive in the industry.

Leading at this level calls for a mature insight to
meaning, hope and performance in organizations
and people; identify the competitive edge for your
department to thrive, drive strategic agendas,
uphold the ambassador role of values, become
the Chief Meaning Officer who designs future
behaviors and learnings, make your colleagues
powerful grown up’s who executive, service
customers, innovate and are efficient like the
best in the business.

In this training you’ll face questions like; How do
you stop executing Thursdays afternoon and start
leading on Fridays? What is the economic value of
your leadership? Who are you, really? What does
winning look like? Why we should want to be led
by you?

So, just think about it – what is the economic value
of your leadership?

Let’s Progress Together…

Who Should Participate?

You want to have a position of leadership
with leaders and individual contributors
reporting to you – or be about to take the
position. You will want to be a mature
personality for who cares exceptionally for
customers, employees and creating a lasting


5 – days training, managerial exchange,
6 x coaching sessions up to 6 months
following the training:
EUR 5,650.- (excl VAT)

Leading Leaders” will be conducted
annually in Denmark and in English when
required by the participants.

Please download:

Leading Leaders – Product Brief