Personal Leadership

Become a Splendid Proposition – in Business and Life!
– Strive for Team and Personal Excellence

What Does Your Next Version Look Like?

At your current best – you are potentially only operating to 40-50% of capabilities – imagine how much more you have to offer at 100%?

Being a leader – what is the assessment of your team? How much more is there to come from it?

Welcome to “Personal Leadership” – a training of two subjects – team and personal excellence – what is a next version work of you at work and at home?

In this training you’ll face debates like; The Case for Collective Intelligence, Are You Leading for Greatness or Helplessness? The Future of Leading – What You Should Learn, Is Your Team Tuned for Excellence? Who Did You? Which Software Version Are You On? Peaking – Then What?, What Am I Going to Do for Others? What is My People Strategy? When Imagination Takes Over Me? How Do I Look at 100% of My Capabilities

“Personal Leadership” ask you to confronts your convictions, believes and behaviors to become  an even more admired individual and team leader.

Let’s Progress Together…

Who Should Participate?
Your 35-55-year-old leader and manager with 5-15 years of experience in teams will benefit from a wider perspective of leading teams and oneself, inspiring others and to maximize one’s true value.

4–day training training includes tests; learning material, lunch, and 3 x coaching + 3 x mentoring sessions, and optionally 1 x managerial exchange  in up to 6 months following the training – EUR 4,450.- (excl VAT)

Personal Leadership” will be conducted annually in Denmark (in Danish and English)

Personal Leadership” examines:

  • Your team – how smart is it?
  • What is the future of employment?
  • Leadership – the future of leading
  • Use your authority right!
  • Who are you? Where do you come from? Think right! What is the value of you?
  • Who are you meeting in the mirror?
  • What is your vision and values?
  • Meet the best version of yourself! What’s next?