Welcome to Leadership

Choosing to Become an Excellent Leader
– Creating People, Power & Profits!

1 in 4 Succeeds as Leaders – Do You Have What it Takes?

Yes – three in four people hired into management roles fail resulting in aspiring leaders to be fired, demoted, transferred sideways – or (oddly) promoted upwards. A terrifying waste of money, time and talented people!

In “Welcome to Leadership” you get dressed to; stand on your own, understand organizations from a people perspective, your role and responsibilities and power of leadership,  develop a deep insight into what makes you and others succeed.

Welcome to Leadership” matures your leadership standards by asking: Why Do You Really Want to be a Leader? What is Your Core Leadership Vision and Values? What Are You Going to Do for Others? How Do You Spot a Talent? How Will You Deliberately Mature?  – and advances your progress to becoming an effective leader!

Lets Progress Together…

Who Should Participate?
Your 25-45-year-old talented colleague who will or recently has entered into management with need for an upgrade to truly take charge of the demands of leading themselves and others.

3-days training includes 3 x coaching + 3 x mentoring sessions in up to 6 months following the training – EUR 3,350.- (excl VAT).

Welcome to Leadership” will be conducted annually in Denmark (in Danish and English), Berlin and other international locations.

Welcome to Leadership” examines:

  • What level of thinking are you on?
  • Are your opinions truly yours or others’?
  • Winning organizations are about collective
    intelligence – how do you build
  • Management and leadership – become director of opinions, values and direction
  • Future of leadership – making people powerful!
  • The strengths of your personality
  • How do you expand everybody’s talent – the obligationto have plans for others!
  • Use people, power and profits with dignity
  • How will I deliberately mature?
  • What it means to be at your very best….



Published 5th February, 2018 on Linkedin (in Danish):

“Så er jeg tilbage på pinden efter et 3-dages super interessant lederkursus af Dennis Falk Jakobsen. Virkelig spændende dage med fokus på alt fra selvledende organisationer og hardcore management til stærke træk hos gode ledere, personlig udvikling og (ultra) selvindsigt ?

Det svære ved sådanne kurser er at holde alle ved ilden, så folk både lærer og bidrager over hele forløbet. Og der må jeg sige, at Dennis skabte en helt unik atmosfære, som satte de bedste rammer for at aktivere alle.

Det gav nogle super fede diskussioner, som vi alle lærte af. Virkelig intensive, men også meget givende 3 dage.

Det kan klart anbefales.  Rigtig godt arbejde Dennis og The Business Leadership Academy!”

Nikolaj Hermann, Marketing Manager, Assitance HR Manager A/S