The Management Side of Leadership

– Becoming ‘Chief Product Manager’ of People and Performance

Is Success a Design or an Act of Randomness?

And – what do you practise?

Highly successful sports person are products of deliberate practices. Long term processes of small steps of training. Designed acts.

No athlete come close to serious trophies by sheer talent. Winning is no random act.

Similar with successful managers and executives. Thousands of hours of operation hone skills, expands business insights and teaches people dynamics – and hopefully more successes than failures create a clear identify.

Your job in management is to manage – and to lead. You are the ‘Chief Product Manager’ of people and their performances – deliberately and more efficient than yesterday to create better people and results

The “Management Side of Leadership” offers:

  • What is the value chain of people and performance?
  • Attract and recruit your colleagues of tomorrow, and
    interview for true performance
  • Onboard new colleagues for immediate impact
  • When coaching/ performance reviews count!
  • Re-/up-skill people for future performance
  • Promotion and succession planning
  • When your people are poached
  • Exit people well
  • The manager in leadership – plan and design great
    work, delegate effectively, better production,
    teams, collaboration and decisions

Why Is This Training Special?
This training complements leadership trainings like “Welcome to Leadership” as you will strive to deliver world class HR and management of leadership. You will learn from agile and efficient organizations how to optimize your management processes.

You’ll want to transform your business, your department and push your people and their performance to new designed standards – enabling everyone to win long term!

Welcome to “The Management Side of Leadership”!

Who Should Participate?
You want to have a position of leadership. You are likely 1-2 years into your tenure having attended a leadership training and now want to manifest your complete scope of management skills.

This 3-days training includes 6-10 x 1:1 coaching sessions in a 7-8 months process.
Price per participants EUR 3,750.- (excl VAT).

The Management Side of Leadership” will be conducted annually in Denmark and in English when required by the participants.

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